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March 18th, 2019

With the Spring coming up, a new face for our Domaine Gassier’s wines !

We are proud to announce the birth of Domaine GASSIER, the result of a common passion that Tina, my wife, and I have for wines focused on freshness, dynamism and mineral balance.

Our corner of paradise is a terrace overlooking the Camargue, with a limestone subsoil that offers tension and minerality, and a cooler microclimate due to its proximity to the Rhône marshes and the Mediterranean Sea.

For many years we have sought to understand each plot, have tended our wise old vines, planted massale selections that are T-bud grafted only, and returned to bush-vine training.  Our vineyards are cultivated in organic farming, we vinify without sulfur to allow our native yeasts to do the fermenting, and use whole cluster to accentuate the terroir expression.

Today, if our wines reflect our identity, it’s thanks to the work of a passionate team and several generations of our family. We are delighted that our daughters and our son, who frolicked across this blessed land as young ones, have also felt its unique character and are here to continue our adventure with the same passion.

The trident of Camargue is our symbol.  At the heart of our unique vibrant local culture, it is the tool that the “manadiers” use to sort their bulls. Likewise, Domaine Gassier is the result of an uncompromising selection in search of an ideal.

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