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We strive to make wines that express the nuances of their soils and the sincerity of their winemaker.

Our leitmotif: to craft wines of balance and minerality. Always in search of vineyards capable of preserving the freshness, growing them in organic farming, and minimizing interventions in the cellar, our wines are a very personal reflection of their appellation or grape variety. Each bottle brings a little piece of our corner of the world, a sensory journey and a unique experience where pleasure and curiosity are aroused.

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Grenache de Bek


Bek is truly a unique terroir, where the classic Rhône soil structure doesn’t exist. Due to a geological buckle, ancient seabeds are close to the surface, alternating sand and chalk outcroppings under a thin layer of pebbles. Here, Grenache takes on a singular, floral, ethereal and mineral expression. Harvested from our oldest bush-vine Grenache that overlooks the Camargue, produced only in exceptional vintages, and released only after 36 months of aging, its aromatic complexity and balanced concentration are genuinely remarkable.

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Lou Coucardié

Red & White

We feel that this cuvée represents the essence of a winemaker's work. It is baptized after our regional bull – the noble adversary in our ancestral tradition of bull games where man is pursued by beast, not the other way around. Strong and courageous, he represents our ideal.

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Nostre Païs

Red & White

This cuvée represents our search for elegance, purity and mineral/terroir expression. It is a homage to our region and our land’s exceptional beauty. In order to privilege the complexity of our terroir, grape ripeness is not pushed to the outer limits, sorting is drastic, oak aging is kept to a minimum, and blending includes all 5 varietals of our appellation. Our winemaking style is as non-interventionist as possible.

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The Varietals

Here are wines that answer the question: "can varietal wines and terroir wines coexist? Disciplined in our approach of helping our vines embrace their terroir, we strive to reveal the very best expression of the varietals in these appealing wines.

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