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I see myself as a “peasant-researcher”. The “peasant” side is in my genes, a family trait. I am deeply attached to this land where I grew up. As far back as I can remember, working in the vineyards is a real pleasure for me. I am convinced that the less we intervene, the more the terroir can express itself.

By observing, listening, respecting the land and its vineyards and by being patient, letting it have the time it needs, the terroir will give its very best for us and for future generations.

My “researcher” side has more to do with my character. A bit of a perfectionist, I’m also a doubting Thomas. I consider each of my wines a unique creation that requires its own approach in the vineyards, the winery and the cellar.

I enjoy exchanging with other terroir-driven winemakers around the world, discovering their convictions, their methods. Once home, I often find myself tinkering with what I’ve seen, exploring how our combination of soils, varietals and winemaking interprets their techniques.

Working with instinct and intellectual rigor, my goal is to further my understanding of my terroirs, limiting myself to doing what is essential at precisely the right moment, thinking outside the box and avoiding simplistic recipes.

That, for me, is how you can produce great wines. It’s also a matter of teamwork, a duo that my wife, Tina and I form. Together we’ve chosen the exceptional terroirs to have given birth to the wines of Michel Gassier.

A fervent defender of Costières de Nîmes and my Camargue, I’m dedicated to crafting wines that are intimate expressions of my terroir and that demonstrate the potential and richness of our appellation.

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