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Our vineyards benefit from a perpetual stewardship that focuses on soil health, biodiversity and our vines’ rich genetic pool. This partnership with nature makes a significant impact on their grapes’ ability to express their terroir, thereby giving us wines of the freshness, minerality and balance.

As with our own children, we are guided by a desire to offer our vineyards the means to bring out their best. This requires an understanding of their environment, how they function, what their needs are.  Exploring ancestral techniques that have fallen into disuse as well as new techniques that have yet to produce scientifically proven results have been key in our ability to accompany our vineyards.

Concerned about the longevity and the unicity of our vineyards, we have been practice massale selection. This entails taking grafts from very old vines that have resisted for more than 80 years the various aggressions that life has thrown their way. This choice, more expensive and less productive, is not without risk but it delivers high quality wines while improving vine resilience to prevailing conditions.  T-bud grafting is much less stressful for the plant and we believe greatly contributes to the life expectancy of the vines.

We have also returned to bush-vine training of our Grenache and Mourvèdre. This technique that dates back to our Roman ancestors and means a commitment to hand- harvest only, is particularly adapted to our climate by allowing a constant aeration and a protection from the sun.

Tilling and organic vineyard management are time-consuming, but they help guarantee our vineyards a balanced ecosystem whose benefits on quality have already been felt and will only increase with time and dedication.  The bearing of fruit is delayed and so the vines have the time to develop their rootstock and their armature before producing.

We are convinced that all this work has a very positive impact on the longevity of our vineyards and therefore their capacity to produce great wines.

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