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May 18th, 2020

Life of the Winery in the Face of Covid-19 !

I hope this post finds you and your loved ones in good health. Our lives have been significantly altered since the arrival of COVID-19, and now we have to adapt to a new world. As usual, we’d like to share with you life here at the estate and what we are doing to respond to the new challenges.

Since the start of lockdown here in France, the vines have budded, the native grasses haves grown and the pests have woken… Even if the work in the vineyards is going very well, we are primarily responsible for keeping our teams healthy.

We’ve redesigned much of our daily activities in order to limit the risks of transmission: use of face masks, systemization of hand disinfection, disinfection of vehicles and lodging.  We’ve limited of the number of people per vehicle, we’ve decided to work continuous days in order to limit transportation, etc… and we thank our teams for their discipline.

We also tried to limit our contact with the outside world and we offered our teams daily bread and a dispensary of everyday products, in return for a commitment of a single weekly visit to the village. As of this moment of “deconfinement”, we’re happy to have everyone healthy and united.

We also closed the wine tasting room to protect our employees, our customers and contribute to the national effort. To continue serving those of you in France, we’ve developed an online store. Many of you followed us and we thank you.

Our offices have also been redone (masks and hand disinfection are par for the course, there are now partitions between desks, the premises are disinfected daily, and meetings take place outdoors). Telework will continue to be used to limit human density at our offices. We use Skype, Zoom and other communication platforms with our teams but also with our customers. Perhaps we are discovering a way to limit our travel and thus our carbon footprint?

Our business partners have not been forgotten and we have made arrangements to help them restart. We have a special thought for our hardest hit restaurant and hotel partners. They will have to be supported when they reopen!

Of course, our sales have been negatively impacted, but we read everywhere that the consumption of wine during lockdown was sustained. Lavoisier said “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed” and we are convinced that the initiatives we have taken will help us progress. We remain confident in the future and the choices we have made.

This crisis is hard for all of us, but we are convinced that from this adversity, something better will be forged and new opportunities will be generated.  And if all of us keep our focus on the collective, better days are ahead of us.


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